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Eating Rules

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Family Eating Rules! How We Overcame Chaos and Pickiness at Our Family Table – we incorporated the following 5 Family Eating Rules!    Before we had eating rules in our house mealtime was a joke. My husband and I could barely hold a conversation because we were constantly hounding the kids to eat. The little […]

No time to workout?

No Time to Workout?

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No Time to Workout? The number one reason why people don’t exercise is that they don’t have time. At least that’s what we tell ourselves. I know we are all busy. Between getting to and from work, balancing responsibilities and having time for yourself, there’s little left over for working out. Add to that the […]

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Create Simple Clean Eating Meal Plans

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Do you need to create simple Clean Eating Meal Plans? Let’s explore! Most of my clients admit that they sign up for our Clean Eating Programs because they want access to our Clean Eating Meal Plans. Personally, I love to create Clean Eating Meal Plans that support me in my goal of eating local, seasonal […]

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4 Ways to get Fit for Fitness

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Are you fit for fitness?  Do you make time to fit in fitness? Does fitness, fit you?  It is time for you to evaluate what is holding you back from being fit for fitness.  Welcome to my first blog piece for Clean Eating Programs!!! After asking friends, family, and clients about what they are fit […]

Top 10 Sun Protection Facts

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Here are my top 10 Sun Protection Facts to keep you safe this summer! 1. Wear a hat.  I highly recommend that you wear one that has an SPF rating. If you can’t find a protective hat is is better to wear a hat than none at all.  2. Choose the right sunscreen to protect your […]



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