Arugula – You must taste and explore this green!

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Definitely one of my spring favorites! 

  • First of all, arugula looks so pretty
  • Used in many end-of-winter and spring salads, and other dishes
  • Often added to grain dishes
  • I often use these greens when having Italian themed dishes or events due to their distinct flavor, which gets more progressive towards the summer.
  • Often described as having these flavors: peppery, nutty, bold, pungent, almost tangy and sharp
  • Has long, and weed-like appearance
  • Packed with nutrition and categorized as:
    • A cruciferous vegetable – meaning in the cabbage family
    • Is part of the mustard family – has alternate leaves, acrid or pungent, have clusters of four-petaled flowers. Other members of the family: broccoli, cabbage, candytuft, cauliflower, cress, mustard, radish, sweet alyssum, turnip, and wallflower.
    • Endorsed by many healthy chefs and nutritionists for its cancer fighting properties
      • It is thought to be one of the highest ranking for
        cruciferous vegetables for this purpose.
    • High in calcium- even higher than the levels in kale and collard
    • Lots of Vitamin C – great for health of bones, blood vessels, immune support and skin
    • Rich in beta-carotene – Vitamin A for supporting eye health
    • Good source of iron – which is an essential mineral to help transport oxygen in the blood
    • Has lots of Vitamin K – plays an important role with Vitamin D for proper blood clotting.
  • You should properly wash before eating – it’s recommend to dress or eat it after it has dried.
  • It’s recommended that the stems are removed, and it is eaten mostly whole, torn, or cut into pieces.
  • Great served with citrus (grapefruit, oranges and lemons), as well as many types of spring berries and mango!
  • Amazing with avocado and many seeds like sesame, flax, and sunflower.
  • Divine with pine nuts
  • I have even tried to make a pesto from arugula!

Many use it as a specialty green – adding it to gourmet pizzas, sandwiches, and even breakfast omelets. Spoil and lavish yourself with this green!



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