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Do you need to create simple Clean Eating Meal Plans? Let’s explore!

Most of my clients admit that they sign up for our Clean Eating Programs because they want access to our Clean Eating Meal Plans.

Personally, I love to create Clean Eating Meal Plans that support me in my goal of eating local, seasonal foods and keep me within my food shopping budget.  I work best when I have a plan and a shopping list that keep me on track!

I find it important to create Clean Eating Meal Plans that utilize realistic, simple, nutritious, local, seasonally based recipes.

Ready for my SECRET STRATEGY that I share with my clients?  It all starts with amazing recipes you will crave and actually want to eat. 

So here is a little road map for how to create a weekly and monthly Clean Eating Meal Plans:


  1. Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes – gather 7-10:
  • Suggestions: Egg dishes, chia pudding, granola, oatmeal, yummy smoothies and porridges.
  • Make you have enough fat and proteins to keep you satisfied until lunch. I recommend trying different amounts of chia, hemp, flax seeds, avocado and yes, yummy organic, farm raised eggs until you find the right combination for you!
  1. Clean Eating Lunch Recipes – gather 7-10:
  • Suggestions: Salads loaded with greens, soups, meat and vegetable dishes of all different flavors and varieties.
  • I recommend that my clients have their hearty protein at this meal especially if they eat meat. I suggest clean animal protein, beans, nuts and seeds.
  • This should be the largest meal of the day and when planned properly should tide you over until dinner no matter what crazy activities you have going on during the day.
  • This is also the meal I recommend having your dessert with – yes, you may grab some dark chocolate.
  1. Clean Eating Dinner Recipes – gather 7-10:
  • Suggestions: Soups, leftover lunches, Mediterranean style dishes and olives. Smaller portions of high quality foods to keep you full until bedtime.
  • Load up on vegetables. Fill up your plate.  Rotate between cooked and raw.  Have lighter fare.  If you crave protein, I recommend fish or easy to digest beans such as adzuki and mung at this meal.
  1. Clean Eating Snack recipes – gather 7-10
  • Suggestion: have ready-made whole food snacks handy too–just in case! Fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and whole grain ideas.

Once you have these amazing recipes together you will be ready to create your Clean Eating Meal Plans:

  • Evaluate the ingredients. What do you need to purchase fresh? What staples do you already have in pantry?
  • Make the most of the seasonal ingredients. Example: if a recipe calls for a ½ cauliflower look through your other recipes to see how you can utilize the other half.  Such as adding to your roasted vegetables dish or soup meals.
  • I like to post my recipes cards in my kitchen for the week. Seeing them inspires me to actually cook them!
  • Once I have created my 4-week Clean Eating Meal Plans I post those on my kitchen cabinets.
  • Keep in mind sometimes you will need to make substitutions because the ingredients aren’t available from our farmers and grocery stores.
  • I highly encourage you to source local, seasonal, organic and healthy whole foods 80% of the time if possible.

In my Clean Eating Programs we teach our clients to utilize a program called YumPrint, which allows you to save our recipes, your own or those you clip from the web or any other source.

This is the Secret to Creating Clean Eating Meal Plans! 

Get started by creating account with YumPrint.

  • You can also download the app to your mobile device or install their Recipe Clipper extension on your Internet browser.
  • You will be able to save our/your recipes and create your own meal plans.
  • The app will create a custom-shopping list for you, based on your choices. Then you can head to the grocery store with your mobile device or printout of the shopping list!

Yum Print Recommended by To Create Simple Clean Eating Meal Plans

I have included an YUM PRINT instructional video that Ali Anne Johnson, (Former Clean Eating Programs | Creative Director) created to show our clients how it works!              


Now it is your turn to create your own meal plans.

If technology isn’t your thing – Download your Free Copy of our Clean Eating Programs Meal Planner!

 CEP-Meal-Plan – Food Diary.

Keep your meals plans handy and well organized! You can easily repeat your meal plans throughout each season. Then use them again and again, year after year updating and adjusting new recipes as you expand your palate by trying new local, seasonal healthy foods!

Cheers- enjoy Creating your New Clean Eating Meal Plans! 

xo Lynne

Founder and Program Director of
Serving up Clean Eating Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks!

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