4 Ways to get Fit for Fitness

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Are you fit for fitness? 

Do you make time to fit in fitness? Does fitness, fit you? 

It is time for you to evaluate what is holding you back from being fit for fitness. 

Welcome to my first blog piece for Clean Eating Programs!!!

After asking friends, family, and clients about what they are fit for fitness, I finally settled on the thing that most people seem to struggle with when it comes to working out: Motivation.
Let me start off by stating that I work out (or try to work out) about 5-6 days per week. It’s my job to be in the gym and motivate people as a Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor. Here comes the big however…HOWEVER, there are days when I wake up and NOT want to work out.

Truth be told, at times I struggle to get myself to the gym for my own workout.

Here are some tips that I have found to get ourselves ready,motivated and fit for fitness:

1. Do Not Give yourself a Choice. Make time to be Fit for Fitness.
A workout should be part of your everyday necessary things to do. Notice, I didn’t use the word ‘routine’. This word sometimes has a negative connotation that could make it become a chore more than something you just do during your day. Just like brushing your teeth or washing your face, you do it because there are consequences to not doing them (your teeth could rot and fall out of your mouth by not brushing or you could get pimples by keeping a dirty face).
Don’t think, Just Do.

2. Find Accountability. Find a Friend to Fit for Fitness.
Holding yourself accountable is great but not as effective as working out with someone who you will have to answer to if you don’t show up for the workout. By telling a friend to meet you at the gym, the park, the track, your house, etc. you will be more likely to keep to your objective than backing out on yourself and your workout partner. Not enough? Then hire a Personal Trainer. Now you have the financial expense to motivate you to follow through with your workout as well as a more concrete time, place, and planned workout to hold you accountable.

3. Prepare your Wear. Make sure your gear Fits on for Fitness!
Every night before climbing into bed lay out your workout clothes, sneakers, and accessories so that you are prepared and organized the next day and less likely to blow off a workout because you forgot your gear. Whether you go directly to your workout after work or right after breakfast, you’ll be more likely to get it done….without the excuse of forgetting your sneakers or headband. LAME!!!!

4. Love Yourself.  That is the best way to be Fit for Fitness. 
Last but not least, this is one of my favorite tips. Love yourself enough to follow through with doing good for your body. Do the following self-help exercise every morning: stand in front of a mirror and look into your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, and say these words out loud: “(State Your Name), I promise to take care of you because I love you and respect you.” This may sound goofy but something resonates deep within us when we look into our own eyes and state something so profound to ourselves.
I can keep going about self love here but I think most of you would stop reading.

If you have tried all of these tips and are still finding excuses to not work out, then think about this: You are going to feel so much worse at then end of the day if you made a deal with yourself to work out and broke that deal with yourself.
I’ll leave you with these questions:
How much do you care about yourself?

Do you think you are worth the effort?
Before responding know this – if you have taken the time to read through to this last sentence then I know like I know that the answers will be something like, “A tremendous amount” and “Hell Yes!”

Now you are armed with 4 Ways to get Fit for Fitness.  See you at the gym! 


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