Kids and Summer: How to Stay Cool This Summer

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Kids and Summer: How to stay cool this summer when things heat up!

Sometimes we need a little support or some reminders on how to stay cool this summer when the kids are home for the summer!

Summer is a great time of year when we can all relax a bit and breath a sigh of relief. Well, sort of. When your kids are home more, it means more dirty dishes, laundry and the refrigerator door constantly being opened. It also probably means that your own schedule is going to be tested. I hope these steps can help you maintain your sanity and your waistline this summer.

  1. Set up quotas: How many times do you want to workoutHow many nights will you allow ice cream or treatsDo you want to keep your monthly massage appointmentPick a number and stick with it. Use the 80/20 rule and be mindful that it doesnt slip to 2080 because its very easy due to all the social events and vacations during the summer months. Maintain yourself care because you dont want to head into September back at square one.
  2. Set meal times and be assertive: No Emily, we are not having ice cream again tonight.” Erin you cant have just watermelon for lunch. Its ok to let go of the reins a little bit, but not entirely. Your child will get plenty of treats this summer, its up to us to maintain the boundaries. Kids will wearyou down, but I urge you to fight the food battle. Try not to pickall day long, it leads to mindless eating (for both you and the kids). Try having a bigger and more relaxed lunch with some clean protein and vegetables. Teach your kids to know when they feel physical hunger vs boredom hunger.
  3. Everyone helps: You have kids and that means you have extra hands to help. Delegate. Depending on the age, they can help with emptying the trash, putting the dishes away or washing the dog. Giving kids chores (consistently) builds selfesteem, life skills and makes them better team players. BonusYou get things done faster so you all can go out and play. Remember…done is better than perfect.
  4. Don’t wait until dinner to cook dinner: Long, hot (maybe stressful) days do not bode well for our energy at the end of the day. Try chopping the vegetables, washing the salad greens, or marinating the chicken in the morning so you can create a no takeoutdinner time. Sit down and plan out your master list of meals for the week. Its all in the planning.
  5. Wake up before your kids: I used to wake up at the same time as my girls and I now realize how stressful it made the mornings. Over the past school year, I trained myself to wake up earlier in 15 minutes increments. Now, I awake naturally at 6am and can enjoy a tea and some quiet time before the girls are up. Its priceless. I encourage you, if youre not already, waking up just 15 minutes earlier to enjoy the time to fill up your tank.

Be flexible and have fun. Life happens and plans change. Be flexible and never miss a moment to jump rope, blow bubbles or pick raspberries in the yard. Its those moments that you and your kids will remember.

See, it is possible to stay cool this summer when the kids are home!

Jane Savage, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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  1.' Lynne says:

    Thanks Coach Jane for this amazing post! My son just got out of school a week ago and with the long weekend here we have time to put all these strategies into place! It is so awesome to have a seasoned mom and boundaries coach to learn from! xo Lynne

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