Clean Eating Success Stories

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“Lynne was extremely reassuring and supportive in easing my apprehensions and helping me personalize the clean eating program to work best for me. At the end, I noticed my stomach was much flatter (and still is, which is amazing!), my clothes fit better, and I felt great overall. Lynne’s guidance and shared knowledge throughout the program was paramount in my successful completion. And as a personal wardrobe stylist, I love that I can refer my clients to Lynne’s clean eating program to give them a great tool to further enhance their lives.”
- Natalie Tincher, Buttoned Up Style

"Thank you! I reached my goal of losing 11 pounds before vacation. I am thankful for this program as I have learned so much and have so many more healthy food choices! I definitely have learned to eat better and it certainly helped me get back on track."
- Jacqueline K.

"I felt better than I had in my entire life."

"I am ecstatic that I re-connected with Lynne (we went to high school together) and found her clean eating program! It was the "game changer" for me. I had been on a healthy living journey for a year and a half before I started Lynne's Winter Clean Eating Program. I had set my New Year's Resolution to learn more about clean eating, so it was PERFECT timing! Lynne's program allowed me to break through my plateau and lose an additional 8 pounds! By following her program I felt better than I had in my entire life and learned so much! I was sad when the program ended and was so hungry for more information and to continue down the "clean eating" path that not only did I join her Spring program, but I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition so that I can also be a certified health coach and help others down the same path! Lynne is truly full of knowledge and was there for me EVERY step of the way. I am forever grateful to her and can't wait to learn more! " - Kim S.

“Hi Kim! Thank you SO MUCH for introducing me to the elimination program. After just a few days I already find that I am breathing better. I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you again. I will ALWAYS be grateful!” – R.C.

"The most significant overall change I have noticed since coaching with Kim has been a general feeling of well-being through feeling healthy and weight loss. I would describe Kim as a knowledgeable health coach who is a terrific listener. She was empathetic and it was especially helpful that Kim has had some similar life experiences related to health that made her a credible source of knowledge. I would recommend Kim to family and friends who want to just generally have an overall healthy life or for someone experiencing chronic issues." -Tom C.

"Kim was able to help me work toward my goals by taking the time to listen and understand my personal situation. She spent a good deal of time getting to know my concerns and present health status. Kim worked through a history that included going back a couple of decades. It was eye opening and enlightening through her questioning to see the connections through the decades of life events and nutrition that were responsible for my conditions." - T.C.

"The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been a significant reduction in inflammation. The reduced inflammation was also measured through SED and CRP inflammation monitors." - M.C.


"Jane has been an amazing coach to me for the last eight months. She brought back to life the passions I placed on hold. I am now implanting ideas into a real business. She equips me with tools that help me work through challenges step by step in order to make my dream a reality. Never would she judge my ideas, but encourage me to consider other possibilities, be a problem solver and keep things simply." - Lacrima Cosnean, TX

“It is amazing to me that somebody whom I have never met in person could have such a tremendous impact on my life. I am not by nature a self-motivated person, and Lynne’s cheerful cheerleading has made all the difference to me. She makes me WANT to eat better, be better, and also pay it forward to others. She is truly an inspiration.” - Laura Linker (NYC)

"If ever there was an example of an unhealthy, slender woman it was me last fall. I was in and out of the doctor's office trying to find a solution to a number of ailments, which included chronic fatigue, skin and digestive issues, and extreme cravings for food high in refined sugars and carbohydrates. After a series of medications provided less-than-satisfactory results, I turned to Lynne Dorner and her clean eating program for help.

Within three days of starting the program, I saw a dramatic change in my health. All of my ailments cleared up and, subsequently, I dropped belly fat in the process (a positive bonus for anyone). Once I realized my diet had the power to make me feel and be better, I wanted to spread the news like Nutella over a crepe. (That's probably not the healthiest analogy, but I'm sure you understand.)"
- James Bianca, Our Style File

"we had a BLAST!"

"I started my clean eating journey with Lynne and her team and thinking I would learn a few new recipes and meal plans, but it turned out to be a LOT more. I gained a whole new perspective about the foods I'm putting in my body, the energy I gain from those nutrients and how my body reacts to certain ingredients. I thought my previous rules about no fast food or packaged goods was "good" but I had no idea how clean eating and the support of Lynne's program could truly improve my entire wellbeing. I learned not only about the things we put on our plates, but what I clean my home with, wash my clothes with and how I generally take care of myself with sleep, positive thoughts, and so on. The support of the group really helped keep me going. Some days are harder than others and having a group who understands and has been there really helped keep me on track. Plus we had a BLAST! Coming up with unique ways to remix our family's favorite meals or to create get a new snack for those who are on the go, joking with each other about the time we bought the wrong kind of sun butter.. the list goes on. It's been a blast and I didn't feel pressured or overwhelmed at any stage. i really believe everyone, at their own pace, can work to improve their balance and nutrition with through this program."
- Jackie B.

"Jane empowered me to sift through the voices in my head and knockdown the obstacles that were holding me back. My biggest accomplishment was naming my desires and expressing them to myself and my family. I simple feel better! I am more connected to the events and the decisions that I make. Jane’s coaching is encouraging, resourceful, forgiving, genuine and professional." - Dorinda Violante, NY

“You have taught me how to make better choices. I know exactly what I need to do now. Thank you for guiding and supporting me to be the healthier person I am becoming.” – M.R.

"So far I've lost 19 lbs (in 8 weeks) and my sugar cravings are greatly reduced. I went to a birthday party and didn't reach for the cake. It feels really good not to care if I am eating junk food any more. Overall I feel much lighter and my energy levels have been much higher. It's crazy to think that I didn't make the connection to what I was eating and my energy levels before, it makes so much sense. Your program is what I had been missing all along!" - Kelly S.



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