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2017 is about achieving your goals!

  1. Are You Fed Up With Feeling Exhausted and Sluggish Every day?
  2. Have you tried to eat healthy only to get overwhelmed by what to eat (and when)?
  3. Is your body showing clear signs of needing clean foods?
  4. Do you feel tired, bloated, achy, gassy or backed- up?
  5. Are you ready to get off the diet hamster wheel?

You're not alone.

Food has become more COMPLICATED. Labels are more COMPLEX. The “Experts” make it that way. You've tried other meal plans in the past that leave you feeling hungry and cranky and you had no one support you in reaching your goals.

I completely UNDERSTAND and have a SOLUTION for you!



60 Days To Change Your Food Lifestyle

Clean Eating is NOT about a quick weight loss fix, counting calories, weighing food, reading labels, pills, processed shakes or thinking about everything that goes in your mouth all day long.

This clean eating program will change your life and will give you long term healthy benefits.


Marie R.

"The support and guidance was key for me to change my diet. Without your help I couldn't have done it. I believe anything is possible with your team, they really care."

This Clean Eating program is about learning to love eating whole foods and leaving processed foods behind.
You will eat foods that will provide the optimal amount of nutrients your body needs.

Clean Eating Starts
with a Clean Plate.
I'll teach you how to build one!


In The Program You'll Receive

In the program you'll receive everything you'll need to start on your Clean Eating Journey, including a Guide Book,
a Recipe Book and a Meal Plans Book.


And Lots of Support to Keep You On Track


Access to expert coaches and peers in our facebook group to help you succeed.

Email Support

You’ll receive weekly emails to help guide you through your clean eating journey.

Private Session

Get professional guidance in your customized 45-minute session.


Get Your Plate
Back Into Balance


How Our Program Works

Choose Success

Dive into our 60-Day Clean Eating eCourse which comes with a fun and easy to execute 8-week study guide where you learn the secrets to clean eating.

Learn on the go.

Everything is delivered to you online so you can learn to eat clean anywhere. Simply access all materials on any of your personal devices.

Receive support.

Our Secret Society of Clean Eaters Facebook group provides daily guidance and support from our extensive team of experts and health coaches.

The 60-Day eCourse will guide you through basic and advanced strategies through the use of our 8-week study guide.

Winter Clean Eating Program Plan - 8 Week Outline

Week 1: The Foundation of Clean Eating

Starting in Week 1 we will walk you through the foundations of clean eating. We discuss the “why” behind clean eating. We’ll talk about food labels, how to shop seasonally and your shopping lists.

Week 2: The Basics of Clean Eating

We will take a look at the top culprits for feeling lousy. Caffeine, processed sugar, processed foods and alcohol. We will explore healthy fats, grains and proteins. Then we will take a good look at what vitamins and supplements you have and learn how we can get these from healthy foods.

Week 3: Clean Eating Strategies

Time to “dig in” to clean eating. This is when we start to clean out your pantry and refrigerator. We’ll talk about the 80/20 strategies for your plate and you’ll get a clean eating shopping list. We will also incorporate some mindfulness and meditation plans to support you. We will uncover what foods will support you at different times of the day and why. And one of Lynne favorite secrets!

Week 4: Practice Makes Perfect

Changing your diet doesn’t have to be a challenge! We will give you tips and tricks to help make it easier. Cooking ahead of time, what to do about those cravings, flushing out the kidneys and how sleep plays a huge role in this. By this point in the program we will evaluate and prepare clients who are ready for the elimination portion.

Week 5: Advanced Clean Eating and Elimination

This week is all about the allergen foods. Do you even know if you are sensitive to certain foods? Are you showing symptoms of food allergies? This is the week we will dive deep into allergies and sensitivities.

Week 6: Extra Support For Clean Eating

What do you do if you have to eat out? What if you had a crazy week and just want to snuggle down with a container of ice cream? Learning to really change your mindset with food is part of this life long clean eating journey. This week is jam packed with secrets to living the good life.

Week 7: Top Clean Eating Tips to Keep You Going

We’ll talk about Super foods, kicking out salt, loving to cook and becoming a foodie, and continuing to work on keeping your insides healthy.

Week 8: Clean Eating All Comes Down to YOU

This is a deeply personal and special week for the coaches and clients. This is where we get very clear on all the important relationships and aspects of our lives, how we can make improvements and really enjoy them. By now you will realize clean eating is something you do to change your life for the better and FOREVER. You will feel amazing and your body will thank you. It takes practice and positive thinking to keep going. We will review how you have been taught to master and expand the clean eating secrets and tools. You will take pride in all that you have accomplished by meeting your clean eating and personal happiness goals with all the support of our amazing expert coaches and supportive clients in our private group.


Why It's Worth It

The Winter Clean Eating Program is an amazing 60-Day eCourse which includes an 8-week study guide with basic and advanced options. This one-of-a-kind approach is valued at over $3,200.

Lynne had made this program extremely accessible from anywhere and it is being offered at a fraction of the cost.

60 Days of Group Coaching Support - $2,500 Value
4 Weeks of Meals Plans + tools to customize your own - $240 Value
Step by Step Clean Eating Program Guide - $95 Value
Complimentary 1:1 Session with a Coach - $125 Value
6 Virtual Workshops and Events - $228 Value
Clean Eating Recipes - $30 Value
Copy of Lynne’s Guidebook “101+ Secrets from Nutrition School” - $12.95 Value
Total Value $3,231
Total Cost to You $297

Joseph A.

"I joined Clean Eating to help raise my energy levels, but a nice side effect was I lost weight too! I didn't even notice until my pants felt loose."

We also have some added bonuses for you!

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6 online events to help you succeed, get inspired, and stay motivated.

The Secrets

Receive a Copy of "101+ Secrets from Nutrition School" by Lynne Dorner.


Amazing surprises and incentives.
We can't wait to share these!

You Are Ready For This Program If:

  • You’re tired of feeling drained, exhausted, and confused about how to be healthy and eat healthy.
  • You’re ready to lose the extra weight that stops you from wearing your favorite jeans.
  • You want to reduce digestive issues and begin regular bowel movements.
  • You want to stop living with chronic pain and start moving with ease.
  • You want real human support to make sustainable diet and lifestyle changes that stick.
  • You want to feel so energized that you pop out of bed with ease every morning.
  • You want to fall so in love with eating clean that it becomes a regular habit.
  • You’re totally down to be part of a community of people just like you.

Finally Take Control of What You Eat and Get Your Body
(And Plate) As Clean As Possible!

I'd Love To Support You On This 60-Day Life-Changing Journey!

$ 297 .00
Group Program - Over $3200 Value!

Clean Eating Guarantee

The program is 100% Guaranteed! But I will also hold you accountable. There is support every step of the way. If you truly, fully commited to 10 minutes a day for the 60-Day program and at the end of the 60-Days you didn't reach your goals, I will give you 3 free one-on-one coaching sessions. Coaching Sessions Value $375.

P.S. The Clean Eating Program was designed by Lynne Dorner. Lynne, author of "101+ Secrets from Nutrition School" and a highly sought-after Integrative Nutrition Health Coach serving nurses, doctors, and fellow coaches. She designed this program to be as simple and easy to follow as possible. Your commitment to this is less than 15 minutes a day. She will be there to completely help you achieve your specific goals.



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